The Horse Drawn Hearse

One of our most challenging and interesting projects is the horse drawn hearse that we were commissioned to design and build.

Junior Pearson approached us about the possible project after he obtained the undercarriage. Being a horse drawn carriage enthusiast, he thought it would be great to own a custom made hearse. So we set to work designing one. After pouring over pictures and using Junior's knowledge of such vehicles, we came up with a design that we were pleased with. We tried to make it as historically correct as possible, but sized so it could be used with today’s caskets.

Junior prepared the undercarriage, had new wheels made by an Amish community and the brass plated in Arizona. Native walnut was chosen for the body. The decorative details, such as the finials on the top and the scrollwork, were both done by hand. The corner columns were also turned on the lathe.

The doors on the back are curved and the roof over the back doors is also curved, which means that several pieces of 2" wide strips of wood had to be carved down by hand to fit.

The interior upholstery, tufted ceiling and curtains, was done by Grace Groszkrueger.

Hearse Facts
Total height: 85"
Width of body: 45"
Total Length: 14'
Total Man Hours to Design, Build & Finish: 450 hrs.
(or 56.25 8-hour days)
Made of local native Iowa walnut with oak frame

The "maiden voyage"


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