Solid Cherry Surround (click image for closeup)

This magnificent cherry fireplace surround/wall was built during the summer of 2007. Made out of solid cherry, this piece measures 15’8” long by 10’ high and takes up an entire wall of the new home it is installed in.

• The 5” diameter columns were turned on a lathe using the customary chisels and two routers on a sled, taking four hours to turn each one.

• Each column has 30 beads routed around the length of the shaft.

• The arched, beaded molding was also shop made using a router table with an arched sliding fixture and removable spacer.

• The 1” beveled mirror measures 30” high by 60” long.

• The entire project was stained, sprayed with lacquer and hand rubbed to a silky smooth, lustrous finish, which is irresistible to the touch.

Stained Glass Fireplace Surrounds

These unique and gorgeous fireplace surrounds will be the focal point of any room and add elegance and class to any home. There is no mistaking the craftsmanship and skill that goes into the design and construction of our surrounds. The stained glass inserts as well as the craftsmanship are our own unique trademarks.

• Hand turned fluted pillars

• Hand carved accents
• Beautiful, lighted stained glass that gives off a warm glow

• Interchangeable stained glass panels

• Hand rubbed finish.


Perhaps you’d like to display a seasonal panel, such as a Christmas scene. Or maybe a particular design or color appeals to you and compliments your décor. If there are certain color combinations you’d prefer over our stock panels, we’d be glad to accommodate you. Our stained glass artists can design what is most fitting for you and your home.

The stained glass panels are installed in wood frames so they can easily be removed and replaced with other panels. The panel easily lifts up and out without the use of any tools and the replacement is simply slipped into the opening. Since each stained glass panel has its own wood frame, it can safely be stored away until you wish to use it again.
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