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Loren Schieuer is a fourth generation woodworker who is well known for his outstanding craftsmanship. Schieuer Woodworks, owned and operated by Loren and Jane Schieuer, has a “passion” for creating beautiful, high quality furniture and accessories, as well as architectural components, fireplace mantels and surrounds, and caskets. We’re located in northwest Iowa in the small rural town of Pierson and have been in the woodworking business for almost 30 years.

Loren’s father was a woodworker, as well as his grandfather and great-grandfather; it seems to be something that is “in his blood”. His first woodworking experiences started in his Dad’s basement shop as a young child. Experimenting and child’s play taught him many of the basics. As he reached teenage years, he worked with his Dad. From whom him he learned many of his traits including the ability to figure out construction.

After high school, he worked at National Woodworks he refers to has a working museum. There, he worked with a couple of real craftsman who taught him more of the art. Lars was an old Norwegian who had a background in boat building in Norway and John was a craftsman from Lithuania. Their skill and patience in creating something with handwork impressed Loren and created a desire in him to perfect his own skills. They also taught a great deal on joinery, how to look into a piece of furniture and see the sequence of construction and how a structure supports itself by joinery.

Loren left National Woodworks in 1977 to open his own woodworking business in partnership with a good friend. When the partner decided to return to teaching so Loren and Jane started out on their own. These were the years that Loren learned so much about building furniture with just hand tools. Their so-called “back to nature” phase. His skills with hand tools were honed and he developed a deep satisfaction for building something with his hands and a few simple tools. He developed the skill so see an object in a piece of wood and to know just how much to take away for that object to surface. During these years, he worked out of a small shop connected to the house, or, in one location, in an upstairs bedroom. Of course, as time went on (and the family grew) there was a need to improve the efficiency of the business. The needed power tools and technology have gradually been added, but he still sticks to the same “old fashioned values” in producing a beautiful piece of furniture and in doing business. After several moves, Loren and Jane have settled down in a small rural town of Pierson and purchased a building to house their business.

Jane is the designated bookkeeper/office manager, as well as the finisher. Over the years, the finishing process has evolved to blend the old methods with the new. We stick with what has always given the “truest” finish, which is a hand applied stain and a topcoat rubbed out to a beautiful sheen. There are various options available but whatever finish we choose for a particular piece will bring out the best characteristics of that piece and the wood as well as protect and beautify it.

Loren and Jane have been blessed with a fairly quiet and simple life as well as four children; Emily, Pete (a fifth generation woodworker), Sam and Jess, one dog, Sassy, and one shop cat, Smitty.

Loren’s hobbies include playing guitar, writing music, bicycling, reading, and gardening. Jane enjoys spending any free time she has planting and maintaining the flowerbeds at their home.


Schieuer Woodworks (712) 375-5202 • 211 Main Street • Pierson, Iowa 51048